Monday, 29 March 2010

Blood Test Results

I was booked in on friday 26th to have a blood test to check my Blood Levels.. They were 8.8 when i left the hospital, so they need to go back up to 11..
(the reason for the drop in blood level is due to loosing the mass amounts of blood i had lost when my ectopic pregnancy ruptured)
I phoned up my Doctors Surgery this afternoon for the results ... and they've told me this:

" You are required to repeat the blood test in one month, the levels have gone up but not alot, so make sure you keep taking the iron tablets. You are still a bit anemic "

...Not sure if that is a good sign or not really, but i guess i will be ok, i mean i am for some reason ok in myself, the normal pain in the bum miserable person i was before i had my op etc.
I guess i have not grieved properly as i am trying to keep it to the back of my mind and everything as i know not alot of people do actually care, i have shared my story with a couple of Ectopic Pregnancy groups on Facebook - but i never got any response, so i guess i kinda feel like i am diseased and no one wants to come near me etc. - probably a strange way to put it or think about, but it is however how i feel about the whole situation, i have not had much resposne from friends or family neither still - regardless of my mum & Tim letting my friends list (and the people whom i thought was friends/family) know whats going on, and still no one has said much! *sigh*
I also kinda feel that i have had to deal with it as i was thrown in at the last min to have the operation, but i was also told on and off that it was good then bad then good then bad and given false hopes - i just dont know!

Very difficult subject and Very difficult situation... dunno how i am coping!? - amazed!!!

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