Saturday, 6 March 2010

5th March...

Man oh Man..
Yesterday was awful! just awful is all i can say..
I spent the day in bed and on the sofa i couldnt stop being and feeling sick it was awful!!
but the strange thing is that i actually didnt feel "ill" i just felt sick all the time.. and had a bad headache that i woke up with around 6am that morning, but tried sleep it off but still 8am wasnt no different or better and the same again at 10am!
inbetween 10am and 10pm i was just sick on and off all day it was awful! i even tried to catch up on sleep but that didnt work when i would only sleep for just half an hour and then wake up and it was like that all day so i just dealed with it and tried to watch films and telly but that didnt take my mind off it much.
didnt really help with my other half winding me up about eating cakes, chocolate, burgers, chips, my chicken fingers in the freezer etc.
talk about meany!

Not sure if it was a bug, or just the injection drug kicking in.. but the one thing i said i would get is PAIN and i never recieved it :s straaaange.....

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