Friday, 26 March 2010

Question Time..

 Ok, so for the last week i have managed in some respect for the loss of the baby 'fetus' and my left fallopian tube & ovary..
but yesterday i found the positive pregnancy test on my mobile in the pictures and it got me thinking..
* why did this happen
* what made it happen to me
* where will it lead me in few months maybe years time
* how will i cope really
* when did i manage to concieve when never had before
..and many more...

Today however i just feel like it is my fault..
* because i got mental health problems
* because i got problems at home
* because i got problems within the relationship i am in
* because i wouldnt be a good enough mother

there are just so many reasons running through my head since i been told how useless i am, how much of a waste of space i am, including my brother telling me that he is glad my baby is dead... in some respects i got enough to deal with and it just seems to be getting worse by day...

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