Friday, 12 March 2010

Two Weeks...

Two weeks have now passed since my Injection-termination i had on the 26th feb, and well things are tough and touchy in places.. and still feel bit low and think about what could've been.. etc.
I know i shouldnt, but i cant help it.. most of it is already due to my Depression/Anxiety & BPD (Boderline Personality Disorder) and so i find things rather difficult to cope with, at times!

I have done as much as i can to keep me out of mischeif, and i have to say i never thought that i would actually end up being "ok" after something as 'traumatic' as this can be.
There is always going to be a day when i look back and think.

I had stopped bleeding a couple of days ago, still recieved no pain and i have had a few of the symptoms, but i have to admit i have not recieved much.
...I guess i is kinda bit lucky about the missing out on the pain ;-) ...but then again the day i was due to recieve i had bit of a headache or toothache so i think i could had caught it early from the paracetamol for that.

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