Saturday, 27 March 2010

What Is With 'Friends'...?

i just dont understand this...

Today, i told a 'friend' i had quit smoking since beginning of feb due to finding out i was pregnant - i did however put a sad face because obviously i lost it and was ectopic etc.
...i then got congratulated, after telling this person over a month ago what was going on, and i didnt know what was going on etc.. even though she had sent me a text week before i even knew i was pregnant, praising me saying congratulations on my pregnancy etc.
over facebook the last month or so have been links, links about:
ectopic pregnancy & this blog & my main blog & GTS Page I Made... etc.

I dont know how to take it and how to feel about it, except at the moment i am feeling pretty blank if i must say, just not sure if i should be angry, mad, sad, pissed, and if i should explain myself... but then i think whats the use when noone on facebook gives a rats ass and clearly my 'friend' prooved that..

I just feel stuck, and i dont know what to do or feel or say...!!!

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