Saturday, 6 March 2010

Blood Test Number 2

I had my second blood test on thursday 4th march, and that wasnt too bad at first.. until i got to the cafe part of the hospital downstairs and i started to feel bit iffy and faint! lol
i didnt though
but was a very strange feeling... but as all 'feelings' they pass within time, so after that mini moment i got up with my other half and his son, and mates and plodded over to other part of hospital to get the bus!

Didnt get the results back from my first blood test, as far as i am aware - but my phone did die that day so there could be a chance there is a message on my answer phone.. but i no money at the moment so i cant say *sigh*
Still... fingers crossed i not need the second injection i guess..? lol

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