Monday, 27 August 2012

Follow Up To My Tattoo...

I last posted a year ago about my Tattoo that I had done in memory of my angel, except for some unknown reason, I never actually shared it with any of you on here.
So this is my blog post to do just that.

As you will have known from my blog in May 2011, I had a tattoo done on my birthday, originally I was going down there to sort out the design I had made and emailed over to them to see what they could do for me.. When they showed me the design I had spent hours drawing on my pc - I realised I hated it and it was far to big for what I wanted..
After talking to the guys at the Tattoo Place, I then realised I wanted just 1 star, and in the middle I would have the letter B {I named my Angel Billie, because I hate using 'Ectopic' too much}.

The star was just the right size to fit where I wanted it too as well which was good.. So it's not too big, not too bright and it can easily be hidden {if I need too} and I can often sit and look at it too when I feel like I need too - often enough I sit and look an stare at it and run my fingers over it through the middle.

My Original Tattoo Design I Drew On My Laptop:

My Tattoo When I First Got It Done:

My Tattoo 5 Months After Having It Done:

I am really hoping that I can get another one soon, this time in memory of My Nan, or even My Sister, but for now I am not sure what I wanna do, or what I want done.
I've done plenty of designs, which reminds me!

If you would like a tattoo, and don't know what you would like done or have an idea and want it designed? Then please let me know. You can Facebook Me Here.. DaisyChain Dezign is my graphics page, but I can do designs on it!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I Can't Help, But Wonder..

All I can think of is the

' What Ifs '

Its weird, I mean, if everything was normal, Billie would be turning 2 in under 2 months.. I can't help but think about how things would be like, how different my life would be and thinking about how happy I could be.
Especially since now, that my sister is pregnant and due next year!
Maybe that's what is making me think, I admit, a part of me is jealous but I am happy for my sister especially after everything she has been through herself in the past..

I love my sister dearly and I am very happy that she is going to make me an Aunty =)

Monday, 6 August 2012


So, today I got the results of my Biopsy back..

I got told that my result was CIN:2 which is Moderate Cell Change, and they are happy with the result, that I do not have to go back now till January 2013 - which would be 6 months since my treatment!

Took their time, but at least I got some Good News for a change!

Chinese Gender Chart..

So, I found out that my Sister is due to have her 20 week scan September 7th, and she will also {hopefully} get to know the baby's sex!! =D

I am so excited to learn if I am having a Niece or Nephew - obviously, I am happy with either!
But I was trying to find out various ways to which you could find out the sex of the baby, and one of which is a Chinese Gender Chart.. So I tried it, and it claims that my sister will have a boy - Clearly, this is 50% accurate but it is also for fun too!

So, me being me, decided to try it out on myself, and well, out of 6 different charts, 4 of them said Girl 2 said Boy!
So, after seeing this result I am wondering IF it is worth to class Billie as a Girl or a Boy.. Or do I continue with an 'unknown' Angel?