Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Week 9th-15th October

As many of you may know, this week is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness week..

I've got a page up on facebook to which I make graphics through, which you can find here.. DaisyChain Dezign.. I've been playing around with Paint Shop Pro now for 7 years! I am not very good, but there are some things I am good AT - but I am currently learning new things and some of the things I am learning I am using with my graphics at the moment! :)

With my graphics page, at the moment I am currently offering Pregnancy & Infant Loss graphics, I have a Breast Cancer Awareness one, but no one seems interested in that one!
So if you are following my blog and and you see this post you can stop by, join my page and request for yourself..

Here are a couple of offers that I have available on my page at the moment:

Images Are Linked To My Graphics Page!!
Template Was Made By Designs Of Lost Words Blog - Can Be Found On Facebook.
These offers are open until 14th October!

I have had many graphics made for me for my Angel that I named Billie over the last year, and to display all of these that friends have made I have had to set up a private group on facebook - this is because people really can be so cruel and because people don't like seeing my graphics or me talking about my angel on facebook regardless of it being MY PAGE - but to keep people happy I just don't talk to people about it anymore.

Even though Billie, WAS an Ectopic Pregnancy that ruptured - HE/SHE is still an Angel and mean a lot to me regardless of what other people think!!

Since I lost, Billie, I have had pictures of their name taken with a gorgeous Candle that my friend has done since 2010 without fail.
Last year (2011) I tried to do something similar but I didn't really do a good job with that lol
I was going to try and do it again this year but changed my mind and opted to do something a little more special instead, a group graphic with everyone's angels written on it :)
Going to do something else for them but they don't know this yet so "shhhhh"

If you are interested in learning more about Infant & Pregnancy Loss, please check out www.october15th.com

If you are interested in having something made for your angel then please find me on facebook:

Gentle Hugs & Floaty Kisses To All Our Angels
No Matter How Big Or How Small!
Never Forgotten
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Heart Aches..

All I can feel is jealousy...

I am jealous that many people (including my sister) are pregnant, and not me :( it seriously sucks..
Don't get me wrong, I love my sister, but her and my mum seem to be getting this bond and doing things together and what not, and I don't have that kind of relationship with my mum anymore..
Really makes me sad because all these things I am doing with my sister now, I should had done with my mum and sister back then - instead of being in and out of hospital.

Really want to do something about this, but since having that Colposcopy & Treatment for the last 3 months since I have been bleeding on and off - not to mention I wasn't allowed to have sex for the last 3 months lol
But I am also concerned now because I was also warned that I would be at risk of pre-term labour because of the procedure I had.. Not to mention that I have 1 tube left so sitting here thinking is it worth putting my life at risk makes it that little bit harder - and scarier

I'd give anything to have my own baby, my own child, but at the fear of risking my own life to go through it all again I am not sure is worth it.
Have seen and read so many people's success stories of how they managed to conceive again after having 1 tube, some stories not so good!
Really wish I could have a baby, and have all these amazing experiences.. Maybe one day I might get my wish :)