Friday, 23 July 2010

An Update..

It has been, 2 months since i last wrote to this, so i thought i should really give an update of whats been happening,
Which, i have to admit has been very little..

It is getting difficult at times, especially where i joined a website, and they keep sending me email reminders that i am " __ weeks pregnant!!!!"
I do though, however have a Ticker from lilypie.. saying IF things were different, but that was just a "gentle" reminder - as i dont really come on this often now..
But seen i would had been 29w is bit of shock - in a way!

Still.. I am in myself up and down, having problems and still think the what if's - sometimes i dont think about it at all..

I seem to have continued to have a normal period - back to the way it used to be, i started off with April & May periods in agony and generally feeling unwell... and when June came along it was as if nothing had actually happened.. and then 3 weeks later i came on (now) - but this time around i seem to be feeling it this time - but i have been having problems and been very stressed, which could be a possibility for my earlyness.. i dunno
But, no other pregnancy has taken place since this, and i dont think i will ever get the chance to again! still, least i have the sort of reminder and memory of spending the whole month in and out of hospitals for blood tests, pokes and prods etc.