Thursday, 28 March 2013

Baby Loss Poem I Found:

Was flicking through google for some poems on Ectopic Pregnancy, and I came across this one, so thought I would share:

Mommy and daddy need you baby, but they say you have to go away!

You are not in mommy's uterus so you simply cant stay!
My heart is truelly broken as the tears roll down my eyes.
I can't believe i had to do this i hope i can sleep tonight.
It would kill us both baby if you stay here.
Although I dont know if i want to be here without you near.
They gave mommy this medicine, it hurt mommy real bad.
But not as much as it did me and daddy to loose you baby, we are so sad.
Ive never felt so much pain in my life.
And... I truelly wonder if we are going to be alright.
It took me and daddy so long to get you baby and then you had to leave.
If I could take it back, I'd wish it could be me!
RIP we love you baby!


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