Friday, 15 March 2013

15th March 2013

Today is the 15th March 2013.
Today marks the 3 year mark of the date that I lost my Angel & my tube.
Billie, is an angel as a result of an Ectopic Pregnancy, but you already know that since my blog is called
"Life After My Ectopic Pregnancy"
I have spent the day with my Sister and her 6 week old son (my nephew)
Kept me busy, and kept my mind off things, although now that I am on my own is when it bothers me.
But, I have recieved these few beautiful pictures in memory of my Angel.

From My Friend Kimmie On My Facebook.

This was left from me from a lovely lady called Rachel in my group:

This was made for me from a good friend called Jade on her Graphics page

From my friend Noel! She is an amazing graphic designer from

This is from my friend Corinna:

I have recieved some lovely messages and comments from a few other friends which was nice, especially since I didn't want to make a massive song and dance about it being my Angel's day.
But appreciate all the message the select few have left me.

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