Sunday, 31 August 2014

Why Do People Avoid Me??

Today, I do what I normally do every sunday, and that is see and spend time with my gorgeous nephew as well as my mum and see my sister.

Well, I mentioned to a 'friend' that I can't wait till I have my own children.. After a couple of smily face messages being shared, I said, "I kinda have one" then quickly followed that up with "Well I do have one :)" I was then asked, if I was pregnant, I sent a picture of my ink and said 'No, I lost my baby'.

These messages were shared around 3pm this afternoon and it is now 23:41 and I haven't heard NOTHING since.. Why do people avoid the subject of loosing a baby??

I aint diseased or anything, I don't open up often and when you think it is safe to, you get ignored. I hate it.. Sometimes, I even hate the fact that I lost my baby more so because it stops people feeling awkward.

Trouble with baby loss and talking about it is that in all fairness no one wants to hear it and it isn't fair. I don't want to mention it to someone to then be ignored..


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