Friday, 8 August 2014

Hospitals Do Tend To Let You Down......Sometimes!

On Tuesday (5th August) I had an appointment with my doctor regarding hormone tablets that I have had to start taking because there is some problem(s) with my hormones which I have no idea has come from!

I saw her a couple of months or so ago, and she said that she needed to find my discharge letter from the hospital when I had my ruptured ectopic to see if anything was seen when they did the laparoscopic/salpingectomy.

She told me she found the letter, and that it wasn't very helpful, meaning it only had that I was treated with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and they removed my left tube.

I felt a little gutted, because I had kinda hoped that there had been a little more information, especially since I have seen other people's discharge letters when I have visited them in hospital, and it has made me feel a little let down by the whole situation. Not only was I left on a ward with elderly ladies, no one came to talk to me about my ordeal, and they gave hardly any information for my doctor :(

She did say that it might have been that because it was an emergency operation that they may not have been looking for any problems, meaning they wanted to save my life as I had lost a lot of blood that day, but she did say that if anything had been noticed/seen it would've been noted..

Gotta continue taking this tablets now for the next 6 months at least, and then see how I get on without the tablets - that I am not looking forward too, and it is only like 4 months away!
And until then, she will send me back to the gyneacologist at the hospital - again - no doubt they will want to fit me with another coil :( I will refuse it, it caused me so many problems!!
Just really wanted some answers I guess.. Especially to know why this happened in the first place

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