Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Well that has confirmed it, well sort of..

I am now on my period, since what i thought was a miscarriage.. but today i have passed quite a few blood clots including the 2 i passed about an hour ago.
One was about 2inches long other was about the size of my thumb nail.. including a couple of small ones and some down the toilet..

This i thought cant be normal... but then remembered about how i was feeling last night, so i googled some questions to see if i could find the answers, and eventually i came across Bupa.

I am in the miscarriage section, and i have been reading the symptoms.. 

Symptoms of miscarriage
The most common symptom of a miscarriage is bleeding from your vagina. This can vary from light spotting to bleeding that is heavier than your period. You may see blood clots or a brown discharge. You can also have cramps and pain in your abdomen (tummy), pelvis or back.
Some people don’t have any symptoms and their miscarriage may only be discovered in a routine scan.
I remember complaining of back and pelvis pain and i wasnt feeling very well on top of it all, as i had to cancel on a friend to go out clubbing for their birthday..
Following reading the webpage a little bit more, i came across the "types of miscarriage"

Types of miscarriage

There are different types of miscarriage as described below.
Threatened miscarriage. This is when you have bleeding early in your pregnancy and your cervix (the opening to your womb) is tightly closed. Your pregnancy is likely to continue if an ultrasound scan shows the heartbeat of your developing baby.

Inevitable miscarriage. This is when you have bleeding early in your pregnancy and your cervix is open, which means your pregnancy will be lost.

Incomplete miscarriage. This is when a miscarriage has started but there is still some tissue left in your womb. Your cervix is usually open.

Complete miscarriage. This means that your pregnancy has been lost. Your womb is empty and your cervix has closed.

Delayed or missed miscarriage. This means that although your developing baby has died, you haven’t had any bleeding and didn’t lose any tissue straight away

After experiencing and seeing what i saw tonight, i have a feeling that i have or am in the middle of an Incomplete Miscarriage..

Check out the link here.. Miscarriage information on Bupa.

Who knows, one day i will be lucky and have a normal pregnancy, no more miscarriages and hopefully will not result into having another ectopic.

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