Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I Feel Numb..

Its 02:51 the time i started to write this..

This time last year i was sitting up at this time because i was in agony with what i thought was just "trapped wind" from stress, as i was being picked on few days previous..
Sitting here now i am shivvering and shaking with the thought of what happened and what i went through, including feel sick.

I do not understand how i managed to go through all this and i do not know why i am still here.

When i think of all that i went through it makes me feel numb and empty, as if it was just a dream and nothing really happened, when clearly i know it did.

I really do wish that this never happened.. the ectopic part! i really wanted to have my baby!

At times i feel like i am half a woman, because i lost my left fallopian tube with my baby.. so unfair!

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