Monday, 14 February 2011

xx Happy Valentines Day xx

Happy Valentines Day, Billie!!

This red rose is for my precious little angel Billie
I dont care if people say i am silly
Your always be my baby even though your in spirit
But when i talk to you i know your hear it
Thinking of you today which is nothing new
I feel so empty and useless without you
Give me strength to fight each day
Heal my breaking heart in any way
Your always be special to me
Even though I been left to be

Ok that poem wasnt so great, but it is hard to find the words to express myself when i am feeling so low, not because of my ectopic, not because of valentines day, but just due to the fact where i wish i knew where i went wrong and how i could had fixed or prevented it.. Things have been pretty tough, but i feel ashamed to talk about it and mention it because no one cares nor are people interested.
I know i post out on here, which again i shouldnt but i needed something where i could let of steam a little..
Plus, as regards to my previous post, its been a year since i found out i was pregnant, almost a year before you was taken from me.. (even if you did try to take me with you)

I just dont know whats going on with me personally, because i am still waiting my period! am i being blessed with a baby, or yet another angel?
Or just generally over reacting and nothing is wrong with me at all (even though people say i have menopause... I am only 23)

Ohhhhhh i dont know, i just need to scream and let off some steam me thinks!!

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