Monday, 6 August 2012

Chinese Gender Chart..

So, I found out that my Sister is due to have her 20 week scan September 7th, and she will also {hopefully} get to know the baby's sex!! =D

I am so excited to learn if I am having a Niece or Nephew - obviously, I am happy with either!
But I was trying to find out various ways to which you could find out the sex of the baby, and one of which is a Chinese Gender Chart.. So I tried it, and it claims that my sister will have a boy - Clearly, this is 50% accurate but it is also for fun too!

So, me being me, decided to try it out on myself, and well, out of 6 different charts, 4 of them said Girl 2 said Boy!
So, after seeing this result I am wondering IF it is worth to class Billie as a Girl or a Boy.. Or do I continue with an 'unknown' Angel?

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