Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Thank You..

I signed in today because I felt like writing something small, which I will do after this blog post, no doubt.
But I stopped in my tracks because I was baffled with how many page view's I've had since I set this blog up a little over 2 years ago to share my story and thoughts and feelings, and perhaps any follow up's from having my Ectopic Pregnancy, which I named Billie at the time.

From now on, I would like to point out that I will no longer be using "My Ectopic" or "Ectopic Pregnancy" I will now use Billie, because that's what His/Her name Is.. Although they're not nor will they will be a person.. But I feel more comfortable referring to them as a person, than a "thing"
I know a lot of people do not agree with naming their Angel's or even agree with me for saying I have an Angel as a lot of people out there disagree, and claim that I didn't have a baby growing in my tube, but it was all chemical, meaning there was NOTHING there...
Well, for those people, I would like to point out this in the case is NOT true.
If anyone has done any research or learnt about it would know by now that an Ectopic Pregnancy is where the Baby/Foetus/Embryo grows outside of the womb/uterus..
Where a normal pregnancy means that a baby grows in the womb, the baby then grows elsewhere..

But with that aside, I am wondering why so many people have checked out my blog when I thought no one knew about this.
Admittedly, I have received the odd one or two comment's over the 2 years but never really thought any one took the time out to read my page or even look at it.
I would love to be able to help someone, and talk to people about their experience, if they feel the need too, I am not one to pry.
Basically, what I think I am wanting to say is thank you to all of you for taking the time out to look at my page.

I really am hoping to update this page with a positive result, saying that I too am one of those ladies whom have had an Ectopic Pregnancy loss, to go on to have a baby of my own some day..
For the time being, I am not getting my hope's up because that will only make things complicated and will result into hurting myself when I get my hopes up about wanting to have a baby, and then getting hurt when I come on my af.

So until the time comes, I will just update the page when I can, and share any news when I receive it.


  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to let you know how I stumbled upon your blog recently. It was a week ago today that I was wheeled out of the operating room, due to my cornual ectopic pregnancy. I had never done any researched, neither was I aware of ectopic pregnancies. Once the physical pain settled and I began to heal, here came the emotional turmoil. Everything happened so fast from the time I felt such excruciating pain, being rushed to the ER, transferred to a large hospital by ambulance, and then operated on, I had no time to really process what my heart and soul was about to go through.

    Last night was another late night I couldn't sleep, so I typed "ectopic" into the pinterest.com search button and this is how I found your blog.

    I look forward to reading more about your blog. Thank you for sharing (((hugs)))

    1. Welcome Hollie,
      I am sorry to learn about your loss, I knew very little about Ectopic Pregnancies myself, since I first heard about it on a program called Casualty about hospitals etc. But that was years and years ago.. It was a very scary experience, I had never experienced that much pain before..
      I am here if you ever need to talk, you are more than welcome to follow me here etc.
      Thinking of you honey, Sam x
      ((( hugs )))

  2. I don't exactly remember how I came across your blog. The months after my ectopic were very dark, I spent a lot of time surfing the internet for support. I am an EMT and work on an ambulance, so I did know what an ectopic pregnancy was, and knew the what was gonna happen when they said I may have one. Regardless the emotional pain wasn't lessened by my medical knowledge...if anything I think perhaps my anxiety level was a tad bit higher. I was attending classes to further my EMT training at the time, and many of my classmates were spending time the the Operating rooms snatching up intubation requirements for Paramedic school. I was terrified that one of them would be intubating me, and see me naked and in pain!

    I will tell you that even now, the pain of losing that pregnancy has not lessened, it has been made better with recent events in my life...but I still miss my little pumpkin seed!

    1. Thats ok Shea, welcome to my page..
      I am sorry for your loss <3
      What is an EMT?
      Thank you for sharing, I was nervous when I had mine seeing so many people in the room and hearing lots of voices because of everyone talking it was just weird and terrifying!
      But I understand what you mean about worrying your classmates seeing you thats one thing that you don't really need/expect especially whilst learning..

  3. I'm an emergency medical technician...I work on an ambulance...best job in the world if you ask me! We are of a different breed...the idea of someone passing out in the middle of class is exciting (I didn't say we were cooth by anymeans)Adrenalin junkies trying to save a life or two...

    1. Ohh I understand now, cool :)
      I wouldn't be good in an environment like that, I panic over everything and anything lol
      Not very good with the whole adrenalin thing! x