Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It Still Hurts..

It's been well over 2 years now, and even the thought of or talking about having this Ectopic kills me, and breaks my heart all over again.
Yesterday (21st May 2012) I had to have a Cervical Screening Test as I am now 25, and I was talking to the nurse about it all and I even started to cry..
The thought of being pregnant scares me... YES, but this is mainly because I have the one tube left now and knowing that it could happen again does worry me, as it COULD be the last time I'd ever get to be able to conceive..

I still don't even know what could happen after all of this because no one really explained anything to me when it happened, I was stuck on a ward with 3 elderly ladies, and one youngish woman who left the day after I went in.. No one came to talk to me, I felt like I was left to deal with it all.

Really wish that there was a way they could save an Ectopic Pregnancy by moving the baby from the tube etc. into the womb where it's safe!
But I guess thats just something to continue to think and wonder about, perhaps....


  1. I had an ectopic one yearish ago. They removed my tube. I am now 6 months pregnant, I will be having a little girl in September, everything is just fine. I was also very scared that it would happen again. As soon as I found out that I was once again pregnant I was on the phone getting an ultrasound to make sure. There was for sure an embryo in my uterus, but the Dr. noticed a shadow in my ovary that looked simular to an ectopic. I went back three weeks in a row, and they determined that it was just a cyst. It's scary, but in the end I am proof that perhaps a second time it will be just fine!

  2. Hi Shea, thank you for sharing your news. I am so happy for you hun.
    Congratulations. September isn't that far away, are you and your other half ready for the arrival, or are there still many things to buy?
    I am glad that you're not having/experiencing another Ectopic though, are they going to do anything about the Cyst, or are they going to leave it?
    You have cheered me up a little, I love hearing about ladies whom go on to have another baby after having a tube removed..
    Thanks again for your message..
    Sam x

  3. NO September is not that far away...and we are freaking out/very excited. There is still a LOT to get done...we have decided to remodel our house before she gets here, which really wasn't one of our brighter moments, especially since we haven't even hardly gotten started! They haven't said anything else about the cyst since they last looked at it, so I am assuming that they aren't too concerned, it hasn't ever given my any problems so "if it don't hurt, don't screw with it" I suppose!
    Things will happen when they are supposed to (bleh I actually really hate to hear that, but it's true) The way I look at it is that, that little soul wasn't quite ready to make it to this world, but they will be back in another-better form. You didn't lose it, they just made a temporary appearance, but will be back for the long term!

    1. Good Luck with the remodel.. You guys sound like you may need it honey..
      Thank you for sharing with me though I appreciate it.

      I wish you all the best x

  4. I totally had the same exact thoughts,why can't they just move from the tube to the womb...HUGE HUGS!! xoxo


    1. I know what you mean, it would make more sense saves a few more lives too!!