Saturday, 4 May 2013

You Learn Something New Everyday!!!

I have just joined Pintrest, I am sure many of you have heard about this before!? I found this blog on there, that just amazed me, and admire the person/people who have continued to repin the blog for everyone to see!!
If you would like to see the Pintrest post you will find it >>here<<

As I was flicking through seeing what is available in the Ectopic Pregnancy search, many pictures and information was thrown at me.. And I was a little amazed at what information people have shared, for example:
Marilyn Monroe, she had an Ectopic Pregnancy in 1957, and is also reported to have had a couple of miscarriages. From what I read, her husband at the time, left her because he wanted kids!!

I also read a while ago that the lady from Torvill & Dean, also had an Ectopic Pregnancy..

They are the only two main stars that I know of that have had similar experiences. Neither of which ever really got over it. But then how can you get over this kind of loss!? Whether you lose your tube, or not. At the end of the day, Ectopic Pregnancies are pregnancies, and should be classed as Pregnancy Loss, because the fetus grows in the fallopian tube, or ovaries or other places around our reproductive systems, its just when they get to a certain stage and grow bigger is when they rupture!

I picked this up from one of the posts on Pintrest.

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