Friday, 28 December 2012

I'm Fake? No, Not Really.. But I Wish I Was..

I am kind of gutted to learn that a few people I classed as friends turned around and said that I am fake, and so is my Angel, that I named Billie..
How could I lie about something like this when I have been keeping and writing to this blog on and off since February 2010 when I had my first injection of Methotrexate to terminate the pregnancy to stop my tube from rupturing, and then posting from when my tube ruptured due to not having my last blood tests in March 2010..
In all honesty, this has hurt me a little but at the end of the day thats down to them to continue thinking whatever it is they want to think.. I know the truth and so does my family that was there for me from day one.

I don't have much to prove that what I went through is real, I do on the other hand have pictures of my pregnancy test - which doesn't really prove anything.. Because its just a stick that you pee'd on to say if your pregnant or not, and I know a lot of people fake those too!! (sad)

All I hear/see on facebook is people arguing amongst themselves claiming each of them are fake :/ I don't understand it, people state that being amongst other Angel Mothers, and more is a place for comfort and support - when really it isn't because everyone picks on each other, slags each other off behind their backs and then stabs them in the back regardless.. I don't get it..
I guess this is kind of why a select few know a little bit about what happened, and why I don't want to involve myself with too many people whom have Angel's.. Its sad that it has to come down to that but I hate seeing everyone pick on each other its just wrong..

I just still cannot believe that my so called friends think that I am fake too - although I was expecting it because some people do not class an Ectopic as a loss, when it should be classed as a loss, because even though the baby isn't growing in the womb, it is still a baby and it is still growing inside of us, so therefore it should be classed as a loss.. Although I am not sure if it IS classed as a loss, if it isn't then it really should to be honest..
Really sucks though because I lay on my back in bed and I feel my scars under my tummy - I have 3 one in the middle, and the other 2 are either side.. Although you cannot probably see them now, I can feel them because they are little dents in my tummy.. Not to mention I have a fairly large ugly one in my belly button that I can see and feel - I don't like that one..
But its a little, and sad reminder of what happened back then, not to mention the tattoo that I got in memory of my Angel in May 2011..

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