Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Tattoo..


I have finally decided what tattoo i have picked to remember my ectopic, including other failed pregnancies through miscarriage.
I felt a set of angel wings, was "original" as most people have them, admittedly i wanted to add to it, but i didnt exactly know what, but to have them on their own wasnt what i wanted, in the end.
I then felt that stars would be the same, original and most people have them.. and that doesnt mean much in some sense.
Rainbows again are kind of common, but i havent really seen many, even in memorium..

Still, i designed what I want and i feel means something, to me!
Have emailed it over to the tattoo parlour, but wont be going down until friday 13th, my birthday, to hopefully book it in.
Am nervous about getting one as i have never had one before and i really liked the idea of having something personal to me to remember it and something that is also with me, for life.


  1. Wow, was just reading through some of your blogs and it's eerily similar to my experience. My ectopic pregnancy was terminated on February 2nd, 2010. So close to your own date. I was almost 7 weeks pregnant. The baby was healthy as could be, heart beating just as it should, everything was perfect... except for where the pregnancy was located: in my left tube, like yours. I had to have emergency surgery and they removed my tube. That's the short version of my experience. That was my first and only pregnancy. I'm 24 now. But I, like you, have been wanting to get a memorial tattoo. The baby's due date was September 25th so I was thinking I would like to do it on that date, "he" would've been two this year. I don't want the typical angel wings or anything like that so I was curious what original ideas you were able to come up with.

    1. Hey Jennifer, sorry for my late reply..
      I was a couple of weeks behind you, my due date would had been the 6th October 2010.
      I had tonnes of ideas, I designed a Rainbow with 5 stars holding on to it with string - my reasons for the 5 stars is because in my heart I know I've had a couple of miscarriages before Billie, my angel (I named my baby, mainly because I hate using the word ectopic too many times) and I also had another one last year in February.
      I have one now, but for some reason I haven't shared it.. Which I will do shortly in a blog post, for all to see :)
      But my tattoo is on my wrist with a star and the letter B in the middle.. But the tattoo can be anything you want it to be, but I can help you design something, if you want?