Saturday, 13 November 2010

Could It Be....?

Last night i was sitting up in a great deal amount of pain, not as bad as i had felt with the ectopic, but enough to scare the living daylights out of me.
For the last week since i have had my monthly, i have had lots of strange feelings in my tummy, including pains and discomfort in my left side.. area! Its been awful.
Few days ago, i had a deepish fluttering like throbbing sensation in my left hip.. i could even pinpoint where it was and feel the sensations.. it was so weird!
not long after i had got this weird feeling in my tummy, well underneath my belly button in my bikini line area i had a fluttering like tightening sensation, as  if something inside me had grabbed me!

I have also had the sensations on and off in the day today, they seemed to have eased off a bit tonight though, but i cant do anything until monday when i get to go to the doctors..
I got to go anyway because i need to sort out my meds..

But this has got me worried quite a bit =(

Hopefully it aint nothing tooo serious, and something easily fixed!

Did upset me though, as it kinda bought back memories of my ectopic i had in March!

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