Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Good People Are Hard To Find...

I have a couple of lovely friends on facebook who know about my loss, and they have admitted they will never forget about me and my angel, Billie.. This is what she has left for me tonight:
To some it won't mean much, but to me it means everything.
Thank you for keeping me and my angel, Billie in your thoughts.. It is really hitting me hard this year realizing the things that I am missing out on.. It really does hurt :(

I have had a hard time finding/making friends especially on facebook with an endless amount of problems one after the other and finding people aren't who they claim to be etc.
Even with that in mind, I managed to find a unique special friend in a lady on my friends list. She too lost a baby, a gorgeous little girl she named Tilly. I support her page when I can by making items and donating some of the items that I can make to her page so that she can help raise money for SANDS.

Please take a moment to stop by at her page ~TillyBeansKeepsakes~ForYourLittleAngels~ and give it a like and even spend some time nosing through her page. You will not be disappointed.

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