Sunday, 9 November 2014

Counselling Confusion..

About a week or so ago, I saw my CPN at the local mental health center regarding my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and in a few sessions before hand, I had mentioned that I was after some kind of counselling that my GP suggested to talk about before she decided to give me some kind of birth control before I think about having children because she felt I should get my BPD, Depression & Anxiety under control before I rush into something which is fair enough especially since I have had so many problems over the last 2 years due to bleeding too much too often.
Whilst I was at my appointment with my CPN I asked about the things I asked her a few months back about changing my medication because what I am taking already isn't really doing anything if anything, I feel worse and nothing is helping to make me feel better about anything.. And if she had found out any information for me to get some kind of counselling with loosing my baby due to my rupture ectopic. She looked through her paperwork and said she couldn't find anything, but did find something to do with Child Birth etc. said I should contact them and see if they offer any services to do with what I went through... So I thought about it and mentioned it to someone else who I see for 1 to 1 sessions and felt that it was no help at all!! How can a child birth and help with post natal depression etc. help me with my ruptured ectopic?
Tell you what, it is time like these when I wish I could be a counseller or something along those lines to actually help and listen to people properly and to offer some support instead of being left to deal with everything!

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