Sunday, 15 June 2014

Stunned & Amazed...

So tonight I thought about opening up a special page on Facebook to do with my Angel that I lost due to my Ectopic Pregnancy, and thought that I would make it so that I can provide some kind of support and help, and also make people feel like their Angel(s) matter! Especially since I was made to think mine didn't.
After a while I found some somewhat disturbing pictures to do with the process of the operations for the laparoscopic operation, but I found some that where somewhat strange, especially one of them being a little baby in a clear sac, saw where the image was uploaded too, and decided to read the link it came from and I then had to read the post twice, as I was stunned by what I saw, a perfectly formed unborn baby in a clear sac at 6 weeks (8 weeks pregnant) that was removed from an ectopic pregnancy, and from reading the information I was just stunned and amazed, especially since I have been told that my baby wasn't a baby it was just a bunch of cells, or it never formed properly because of the fertilized egg was in my tube and so much more! But reading this study from a professional has made me feel somewhat better about the situation and has also changed my views on how I see things.
If this is even true, then I feel a little better knowing that when my tube ruptured at 12weeks that it WAS a baby and not what other people had tried to make me believe all these years.

This is the image that I found that was strange...
It has this information:
A six week embryonic age or eight week gestational age intact Embyo, found in a Ruptured Ectopic pregnancy case operated by me. It is rare to find the embryo in ruptured ectopic pregnancy. - See more at:

It is from this website:

Make's you think..... Doesn't it??

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